How to Learn Physics???

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Hello students!..

How many have you come through these questions…
-How to learn physics??
-How to improve my physics??
-How can i get A for physics??
So We think its time for us to share something about the art of learning physics..

In studying physics, it is essential to develop an ability to analyse problems, to give logic reason, and to differentiate between important and irrelevant material. You should start to train your analytical thinking skills by practicing simple problems, so that later on you can tackle more difficult problems. However,please take note.. trying to memorise physics is practically useless!!

In order to understand physics stuff properly, it needs patient and gonna take some time. For me, learning physics is easier if you have a group of ‘physics friends’ in a study group. Trust me,cooperative learning can be really powerful & it would save most of your time. BUT..please find someone who really want to discuss physics..not someone who love gossiping each other…

“Identifying the DONTS”

Physics is not simply abaout plugging the values & substituted it to get the right answers.U must actually understand the relationship between each physical quantity in the equation. Usually each equation or formula  came from an experiment conclusion.. but ask yourself,do u know how to design those experiments???

Dont simply Memorise!!!

You may try to memorise all the patterns of sample problems, hoping that similar problems will be asked on the exams. Memorisation does not equal to understanding.  In SPM they loved to twist the questions..So if u simply applies memorising technique, then u’ll be in big trouble during exam.

Learn like ‘A’ students…

To get an “A”..mainly it’s a matter of focusing on the right things. You may think that the only important thing is getting the ‘right’ answer. Teachers, of course, like ‘right’ answers, but beyond that, ‘A’ students focus on the process of using basic principles of physics to correctly analyse each physical situation.When you achieve genuine understanding of basic principles and laws, the answers often come easily. Getting right answers with ease is a good indication that you understand the basics.

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Happy elearning!

-Team Ednexa

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